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We post daily, and postage is free on orders over $100. Contactless pickups are available from Ellerslie, order before 1.30pm to pickup the same day. Every order includes a free sample of Kawakawa Balm.

Honest Skincare Philosophy

We all know that healthy skin is important for our wellbeing and good health - after all, it's the biggest organ on the human body! Skin absorbs a large percentage of what we apply to it and so we put on our body is just as essential as what we put into it. That's why we started Honest Skincare - everything in our products is natural and enhances your skin health and vitality. 

You won't find any man-made ingredients or preservatives, just simple, wholesome and pure ingredients.

We understand that many people like to make their own products as well, which is why we now stock raw ingredients. These are ethically sourced from New Zealand suppliers, we believe in supporting local.

We package in BPA-free tins, glass bottles and foil lined kraft paper bags to prevent any leaching of BPA's and other endocrine disrupting chemicals into our perfect little products. Be kind to your body - treat yourself with Honest Skincare.

Honest Skincare is 99% Plastic Free (And Working on the Other 1%)

We know you care about the environment, as much as we do, and we aim to be plastic free and re-usable wherever possible.

  • Honest Skincare products come in re-usable aluminium tins and glass bottles (and we offer refills on the 80ml and 150ml tins, and on the glass bottles).
  • Our raw ingredients come in resealable and reusable kraft paper bags with a foil lining, or if oil, in glass bottles.
  • We post in cardboard boxes, and use wood wool as a packing material.


The quality of your skin care products is especially important because your skin is your body's largest organ. Toxic ingredients found in skin care products can contribute to numerous skin irritations. At Honest Skincare, we only use ingredients that are 100 percent natural for your body and of the highest quality.


By keeping the process simple, we eliminate the need for preservatives, fillers, artificial fragrances and wasteful by-products. We infuse high quality natural oils like sweet almond oil with known skin-stimulators like organic black tea and fairtrade coffee to create our signature scents. Blended with other oils by hand and poured or scooped into containers - you don't get much more simple than that!


Our business is built on a foundation of trust. We aim to be transparent with everything we do. All our ingredients are listed on this website - there is nothing added that we haven't told you about. If there's anything you're unsure about, please do contact us and we'll do our best to clarify it for you.


We love what we do, and we hope you do too! We are passionate about good health and nutrition, just like you, and we can't wait to share our beautiful products with you. We believe it's really important to the skin you're in, no matter what size, shape or colour.

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