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February Newsletter

Welcome to February!

Wow, where did that summer go?! Hopefully you all managed to soak up some sun and fun and get out and about this beautiful country we live in. We sure did, and of course we had a good supply of Honest Skincare in tow.
Our Summer must-have was definitely the lip/anything balm. My kids and I slathered it on our lips before bed in our tent evey night while we were away camping to undo the drying effects of the warm wind, hot sun and salt water. We also found it a whinge-saver when they got wetsuit rashes under their arms from day after day surfing. The beeswax in the balm (which is the only non-vegan ingredient we use) acts as the most wonderful, natural barrier to protect the skin from chaffing and of course no nasty petrochemicals on their absorbent skin is always a good thing.
Get a FREE 30ml face serum worth $24 when you purchase a Body Butter in February! Simply add the Serum and Body Butter of your choice to your cart, then use the code SERUM216 to receive the serum for free!
Did you know we can refill your glass jars? Not only will you save the planet just a little bit, you'll also save yourself $5 off each Butter, Oil, Serum and Scrub or $4 off a Balm. Win win win! Get in touch with us to organise it x
If this summer and the constant heat (which we dare not complain about!) has fried your skin, I recommend taking advantage of the free serum offer above. We've had some amazing feedback about both the serum and the body butter and with a combo of the two you'll get your skin looking healthy and radiant from head to toe in no time. Take a squiz at our instagram page for some lovely feedback from happy customers :)

We hope you all had a magical New Zealand Summer and feel relaxed and ready to get back into the swing of things. For us, that means routine, early nights, lunch boxes, homework, mum-taxi service, after-school activities and meal planning through the week and lots of fun and relaxation on weekends.

Sincere thanks for being a part of our email tribe. We'd love you to join us on our social pages too, and if there's anyone you can think of who would love our products, be sure to forward them a copy of this email.

Much love, Tonia x


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