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Meet the Team


Janna has a science background, having gained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Waikato in 1995. The product making and testing aspect of the business excites her the most and she is happiest in her lab, making product and testing new ideas. On days off she likes to play golf, ride her mountain bike and spend time with her man and beautiful teenagers.


Celeste is a valued employee and knows every aspect of Honest Skincare - from making the products to packing, posting and everything in between. On her 'days off', Celeste is a busy mother of three young boys who never stop running, a Playcentre teacher and chief taxi driver for her boys various sporting and cultural activities.


Bonnie is a high school student and helps out at Honest Skincare part time. She is learning our magic recipes, very good at keeping social media up to date and our main picker and packer of internet orders.


Saskia is still at intermediate school, and helps on the weekends and sometimes after school. Her main job is to stick the stickers on the tins once the products have been created. Getting them straight is much harder than it looks! We think she does a fine job.


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