Organic Kawakawa Skin Balm 80ml

Skin Balm



Kawakawa is a versatile herb and one of the most important in Māori medicine. It has been used traditionally to treat cuts, wounds, stomach and rheumatic pain, skin disorders and toothache.

Honest Skincare's Kawakawa Balm is organic and healing for your skin and can help with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, nappy rash and other skin rashes.

Kawakawa's antimicrobial and analgesic properties make it useful for treating infections, and it is helpful in reducing inflammation of various skin conditions. It is also antidyspectic (counters dyspepsia or indigestion) and antispasmotic (eases muscle spasms or cramps), so it makes an excellent digestion aid.

Our Kawakawa skin balm is made from hand picked Kawakawa leaves, which are then steeped in sweet almond oil for several weeks, giving time for the oil to be infused completely with all the healing properties of the Kawakawa leaves. This is then mixed with organic shea butter and pure New Zealand beeswax to create a perfect, soothing balm for your skin.

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