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Organic Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay


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Honest Skincare's Sodium Bentonite Clay is formed from volcanic ash that has been trapped for eons in sea beds in Australia. The clay is harvested, dried, milled and packaged with no chemicals used. Compliant to Food Standards Australia & NZ. 

Bentonite clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when it’s activated by water, it works like a magnet in and on our bodies. It pulls the metals and toxins into itself, therefore pulling all sorts of impurities, and chemicals.

The truth is that not all clays are the same: some are indeed unfit for internal consumption. It’s absolutely crucial to source a high quality, pure clay, especially if you plan to ingest.

Before you start using bentonite clay it is important that it doesn’t come in touch with anything metal since it will reduce its effectiveness. Always mix bentonite clay using plastic, silicone, wood or glass.

1. Skin Issues (Eczema, Dermatitis, and Psoriasis)
Bentonite clay is a popular remedy for skin issues like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. When the clay is combined with water and then left on the specified area to dry, it binds the bacteria and toxins that are on the skin. This will assist in reducing any outbreaks of redness, blemishes, and allergens that might cause reactions.

2. Reduce Toxins During Bath Use
The binding effect also helps to pull impurities from your pores. The clay can be used as a soaking liquid when added to bath water. As well as enjoying the detoxifying effects, your skin will feel smoother, softer, and less inflamed than it did before your bath.

3. Helps with Digestion Problems
Bentonite clay is able to help with digestive problems by neutralizing bacteria. The clay can be used as a form of relief for food-triggered indigestion as well. It’s also great when you’re feeling nauseous. Drink 1/2 teaspoon of Bentonite Clay diluted in a cup of water to aid digestion.

4. Clean Your Teeth and Gums
When used orally, the clay forms a bind with plaque, bacteria, and any harmful substances inside of the mouth. The clay prevents you from swallowing any unwanted substances before you get sick. Many DIY toothpaste recipes include bentonite clay, making it easy to use in your dental routine.

5. Alternative for Baby Powder
If your baby does not react well to baby powder, the clay can be used as an alternative. The clay can be placed on any area that is experience redness or irritation to lessen the damage to the skin.

6. Increases Probiotics
The clay is able to give you a healthier “gut” by removing any toxins from the gut wall. This will ensure that “good bacteria” is occupying your gut area. 

7. Dry Shampoo
Bentonite clay is the main ingredient in dry shampoo

8. Armpit Detox
Did you know that most of the time when your armpits are stinky it’s because they need a detox? Pat your armpits with bentonite clay half an hour before showering. 

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