Dead Sea salt scrub recipe

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

The benefits of Dead Sea Salt are well documented. Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulphur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. It has a lower concentration of salt than normal seawater, and the difference is made up by these extra minerals. Dead Sea salt can help with:

- Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and osteoarthritis. The minerals are absorbed while soaking, stimulating blood circulation
- Common skin ailments – for treating skin disorders such as acne, eczema and psoriasis which may be relieved by regularly soaking the affected area in water with added Dead Sea salt. High concentrations of magnesium in Dead Sea salt may be helpful in improving skin hydration and reducing inflammation.
- Allergies – The high concentration of bromide and magnesium in the Dead Sea Salt may help relieve allergic reactions of the skin by reducing inflammation.

Dead Sea salt is also often used to make Ormus.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub Recipe


300g Dead Sea Salt
40ml Sweet Almond Oil
12 drops of essential oils of your choice (good choices include patchouli, sandalwood and lavender) 


Measure your Dead Sea salt into a metal or glass bowl.
Start adding your oil mix slowly, and stir until you get the consistency you like. Use a metal spoon to stir your salts. Wooden or plastic spoons will absorb the smells of your oils.

Once stirred well, spoon into a container of your choice. I like to use Aluminium Pots, which are made to hold scented cosmetics and don't leach anything into your pure products. They can also be re-used over and over again. I personally don't like glass jars - they can slip out of my hands when wet and break.

To use this wonderful salt scrub you have just created, hop into the shower and get wet! Turn the water off. Take a spoonful of your salts and start at your feet, working in circular motions upwards toward your chest. (Get another spoonful of salt as needed, and don't get water in your container. Water causes bacterial growth.) Don't forget your underarms (and remember: don't shave until after you've exfoliated - salt on freshly shaved armpits is a special kind of pain!)

Once you have massaged the salt onto your skin, just breathe in the intoxicating essence of what you have created and relax for a few minutes giving the Dead Sea salt and oil time to work their magic. Finally, turn the shower back on and rinse off. Now you can shave your legs if you wish and you won't be sorry that you waited.

Prefer a bath? Get wet, stand up and scrub gently, letting the extra salt fall into the bath. Once exfoliated, wait a few moments then slip back into the water. Don't soak too long, 20 minutes is a perfect amount of time for a completely refreshing, invigorating soak.

Enjoy your clean, moisturised skin and revel in the fact that your skin will not be absorbing any chemicals from this home spa treatment.


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