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New Zealand Beeswax - White Pellets



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Pure white beeswax, created by NZ bees and refined organically and sustainably to remove the yellow colour making it suitable for use in cosmetics. Has a faint honey smell, and melts at 61-65 degrees celsius. Being in pellet form, it is very easy to handle.

Manufactured to British Pharmacopeia 2014 standard.

Beeswax is a moisture attractant and when used in skin preparations and put on the skin, it draws in moisture, meaning your skin stays moisturised and hydrated for longer. Honest Skincare's beeswax is safe to use in the preparation of cosmetic, skincare and food products. 

Processing: The very highest grade lemon coloured crude beeswax is gently melted over clean un-treated bore water and is then allowed to settle. The colour is then removed using an organic and sustainable method. The beeswax is then micro filtered to remove all dross before being passed through a pelletising machine. The pellets which are formed, are cylindrical, 20 mm long and 7mm in diameter. 

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