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Pink Himalayan Salt - Fine

Pink Himalayan Salt


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Honest Skincare Himalayan Salt is a pure, concentrated, quality salt at a great low price. This food grade salt is sourced from a secluded area in the Himalayas, is pure and contains 84 trace elements and minerals that occur naturally in the earth. The striking pink colour is indicative of its rich and varying mineral content.

Some uses of pink Himalayan salts:

1. Himalayan salt helps to draw out dirt, bacteria, and pollution from deep within the pores. This enables skin to remain clean and pure, which prevents breakouts.
2. The 80-something natural-occurring minerals and elements in this pink salt penetrate your skin on a cellular level, leaving your skin rejuvenated, nourished and soft. 
3. Himalayan pink salt is a natural antiseptic/disinfectant. It's good for disinfecting acne-prone skin and will kill off acne causing bacteria, which then helps to reduce breakouts, especially those dreaded blackheads.
4. Exfoliation is the antidote to dull skin, removing dead skin cells and leaving skin smoother, brighter, and more vibrant. The larger crystals found in Himalayan salt remove dead skin cells more aggressively than a sugar scrub.
5. This salt is renowned for its detoxifying qualities which largely contribute to drawing out heavy metals and toxins from the body. Bathing with Himalayan Salt has the added benefit of absorbing minerals important to the healthy functioning of the body and restoring the depleted mineral content.
6. Known for its antibacterial properties, Himalayan salt will help to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria by absorbing sweat and other toxins -- making it an ideal ingredient in natural deodorants.

Our supplier gives a percentage of their profit back to the local community to support programs that help people with disabilities to find employment.

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