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Natural Washing Soda

Washing Soda


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Honest Skincare brings you a Washing Soda that is all natural - simply harvested, filtered and refined with no added chemicals or free-flow agents.

Sodium Carbonate (aka Washing Soda or Soda Ash) is a highly alkaline substance that's unique chemical composition makes it excellent for household uses like degreasing, brightening and cleaning tough messes. It scores an exceptional safety rating from the Environmental Working Group with the lowest level of concern about its use in household settings and the only warning being to use it safely as you would any highly alkaline substance (not undiluted on skin - best you wear gloves).

You can use it as

  • a laundry booster to really clean the grease and stains from your clothes
  • as an ingredient in home made laundry siap
  • to remove really tough or greasy stains on surfaces, as well as carpet
  • as a super-charged pre-soak in your laundry
  • clean your barbeque or grill
  • pots, ovens and greasy tiles
  • you can even use it as an alternative to dishwasher tablets
  • sprinkle a little in your rubbish bins to absorb odours every couple of weeks

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