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Castor Oil Organic - Cold Pressed - Hexane Free (Glass Bottles)

Castor Oil


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Honest Skincare's certified Organic Castor Oil is rich in omega-6, omega-9, and vitamin E, which mean it's a nourishing and hydrating ingredient. Castor oil also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties thanks to its high ricinoleic acid content. 

Honest Skincare certified organic castor oil is natural and safe to use, and has been through a rigorous organic certification process - this is the finest quality cold-pressed castor oil available. No solvents are used in the cold pressing process, it is therefore free from hexane and any other chemicals.

We are often asked about 'virgin' and 'unsulfanated' castor oil. Virgin is a term applied only to olive oil, that is now being used by some marketers to describe their castor oil. Virgin, in the context of olive oils, means that the oils have been extracted only by mechanical means. The same with the term 'unsulfanated', which is used to describe products that have not had sulphur dioxide used to increase their shelf life. Of course, our castor oil is cold-pressed and organic, with no heat or solvents used so yes, you could call it virgin and unsulfanated.

Our castor oil originates in India. Castor plants are especially grown without the use of sprays or pesticides. The castor plants are then harvested, and oil extracted by the cold-press process. It then goes through a rigorous certification process. Our castor oil is shipped to New Zealand in steel drums, then decanted directly into glass bottles. 

Comes in a 250ml or 500ml glass bottle with plain cap. We are out of 1 litre bottles sorry, but you can buy 2x500ml for the same price - just use the drop down box to choose. If you'd like the pump, please add the 28mm lotion pump to your order (shortcut below)

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